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iArts participates in event: " Tussen Kunst en Kitchen"

Four students of iArts are taking part in an exciting new collaboration between the Arts Faculty Maastricht, Hotel Management School, Conservatorium Maastricht and the Gemeente Maastricht.

This student initiative was formed in order to build stronger connections between the different faculties of Zuyd Hogeschool and in doing so, give back to the community by organizing a series of unique events featuring food, art and music.

A day of Art demonstrations, musical interactions and culinary presentations
The communities of Nazareth and Limmel are integrating and Tussen Kunst en Kitchen wants to celebrate with you! 

The first TK&K event will take place on the 22nd of June at the Hotel School with an exciting day of music, art and fine cuisine, performed, presented and prepared in accessible, interactive and interesting new ways entirely by students! Designed to be an unforgettable day for people of all ages, it will include, among other things concerts, interactive art exhibitions, film screenings and a food market! 

Our goal in creating this event is to give people an opportunity to enjoy great art, beautiful music and good food in doing so help to develop a stronger sense of community between the residents of Nazareth Limmel and Zuyd University.

The iArts students came up with several ideas of combining the tree main topics of the event, which are food, art and music for instance create a ‘Community Canvas’, make ‘Foodart’ and make a ‘Film Finale’.

“Community Canvas”
In this element all festival-goers will have the opportunity to contribute to a 2x3 meter canvas. Under the guidance of a student from the art faculty people of all ages will be provided with brushes and acrylic paints, and encouraged to paint the sounds and sights they are hearing and seeing around them in beautiful vivid colours. This element will give participants the opportunity create a work of art as a community. (Note: need to think of who to give canvas to after festival, perhaps good marketing tool, i.e. Give it to buurthuis etc.).


Children are always told not to play with their food however in this element they will have the opportunity to do just that! Using a selection of paints, dyes and temperas created with foods such as beets, Blueberries and Curry, festival-goers will create their on works of food art which will then be expertly preserved so that they can then bring home their creations. Additionally participants will be given instructions on how to make these paints and dyes at home themselves. The purpose of this element is to create a whimsical, fun environment in order to foster creativity and encourage participation in the arts.

Film Finale
During the Festival Finale art students will present a stop motion film featuring the creation of the Community Canvas throughout the day. As the Music segment's concert progresses audience members will be able to witness the creation of thier art work from start to finish, right before their eyes as 4 hours of film footage is sped up and reduced to just 30 minutes. 

Don't miss this amazing opportunity to celebrate with us!