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Halli - Fukc Fear

What is authenticity a post-digital age? Holly Hudson-Taylor is wrapping herself in and around this question during her third and last year of the iArts program. This means exploring herself as an artist and becoming increasingly familiar with her creative process as well as working for the creative process of others.


In September, Holly landed in Canada and continued south to begin a tour of the American continent. She toured from the east to west coast with the folk music duo, Hudson Taylor singing backup and playing percussion amongst her brothers who co-lead the band. They opened concerts of the Irish solo musician, Hozier.


Along the tour, Holly reflected upon her role as a “session musician” while performing with Hudson Taylor, versus herself as the artist and performer who uses music and visual language as mediums to express concepts, emotions and critical opinions. Between performances she took walks with her camera, notebook, and voice recorder, writing and recording as much as she could.


Recently, on 26 October 2018 she released her first music video, Fukc Fear, under her artist name, HALLI. Returning to Amsterdam from the month-long tour, Holly is enthusiastic to finally collect all of her instruments into one space, make a music video for a second single, develop her iArts graduation paper, and have a short period to settle into her new city before heading off for another round of touring.


~ written by Joshua Glass — second year iArts student