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The second year students of iArts are delighted to invite you to "anima factura; an ode to the life to be created", an installation drawing attention to the uncharted potential that exist in microorganisms. By detecting and focusing on the unique capabilities of microorganisms, the students are highlighting the features that can potentially play a promising role in the future advancements of Synthetic Biology. anima factura will be exhibited at the SynCity Arts & Science Festival Wageningen on 5 and 6 October and will also be exhibited at the Dutch Design Week 2017 (21-29 October), where further visual exploration into the super powers of microorganisms and an open source databank of DNA will be developed.

 This is an iArts Maastricht installation invited by Wageningen University’s Systems and Synthetic Biology, Radboud University’s Institute for Science in Society (ISiS) and BioArt Laboratories. It emerged from a collaboration between Laurens Landeweerd, Xandra van der Eijk, Studio Roos Meerman and Sacha van den Haak.

For more information about the SynCity festival: SynCity

For more information about the Dutch Design Week:

 We hope to see you there!