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In collaboration with Theater aan het Vrijthof seven first year students showed their work in the foyer of the AINSI theatre as a pre-program of the dance performance 'What comes from the river' by Amalia Herrera and Mariana Torres. This was the first out of three Surplus projects guided by Nina Willems.

"In this programme they reflect on the dance performance and give their own artistic response to the theme of the work.” – Nina Willems on Surplus


Interview with Amalia Herrera

iArts: Can you describe how you came up with 'What comes from the river' and how you worked together with Mariana Torres in a few sentences?

Amalia Herrera: One year ago I moved from Uruguay to Europe. This is when I came up with the idea of “What comes from the river”. I feel like a migrant by choice and this idea became clearer by researching during artistic residencies in ​​Spain and in Dublin where I worked on the issue of migration, roots and how they can be mobile, adaptable, as soft or strong as water that creates its own path. Water has a lot of deep meaning - that is where we come from. That is where we feel our first beats of life. I am interested in the idea of a more mobile belonging; feeling connected to different places and not only the place where one was born.

I have known Mariana for many years now and this project was the perfect opportunity to work from a distance, as she is living in Uruguay and I am here in the Netherlands. Seeing the work develop from both sides of the ocean was an essential part that correlates with the theme of “What comes from the river”


iArts: We invited you to come to our school and we had a long talk about belonging and shared our own individual stories. How was that experience for you?

Amalia Herrera: I loved the idea of an ​​exchange with students and their different artistic approaches. That this work is seen from different points of view opens doors and creates bridges with students and their creative expressions.


iArts: Where do you see the chances in Surplus for the students and did you take anything away from it?

Amalia Herrera: I really liked the proposal. The day I met with the students I kept thinking all day about their ideas, their points of view. Their suggestions were very enriching and I was eager to see more of their work. On the evenings of the performances it felt like we were "swimming" together.