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Newsletter #9 March 2017



On the 19th of February, the first and second year iArts students took part in the ‘Studio Week’. The iArts Studio Week is somewhat of a tradition at iArts; students are offered a budget with which they have the choice to spend it on an educational program that they decide themselves.

For this studio week, the students decided to create educational, creative and dynamic workshops, coached mainly by the students themselves. With exception of some guest workshop leaders, students planned a variety of workshops, tie-dye, scrapbooking, mindfulness lessons to name some. The workshops took place in a group accommodation in Onderschey, Noorbeek, courtesy of Merel van Neerbos, one of the students’ mother. It was an ideal place for crafting, cooking, singing, dancing, working and team-building together! On Wednesday, the students invited iArts teachers to a night of dinner and drinks, short stories, music and visual works they have been occupied with along the week.

The students would like to thank Merel van Neerbos, Nicholas Kars, and Nina Frings for making the week even more special with their workshops and good vibes!

Written by Holly Hudson Taylor and Konstantina Katsikari

1st and 2nd year students