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Newsletter #11 June 2017

 Year 3: ROCÍO FRENKEN: The other side of the coin

Society is still based on an outdated hierarchy of colour, whether we want to admit it or not. In Latin American society, the multimillionaire media enterprise of Telenovelas is in charge of promoting this social division. Telenovelas are like soap operas: ridiculously overdramatized Cinderella stories. One might think that the repetitive use of the same storyline would have exhausted the viewers by now, nonetheless it shows society as it is: charged with social injustice, discrimination, poverty and violence, even drug trafficking.” This fragment is taken from Rocío Frenken’s story, sharing her graduation year topic and thoughts about immigration, nationality and identity. To read the full story, click here. Her graduation work will be presented on June 23rd, in Maastricht. For more information, stay informed through our website and social media.

Written by Konstantina Katsikari 2nd year iArts student