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Newsletter #10 May 2017


Age: 20
From: Indonesia

Why did you choose iArts?
I felt like iArts could provide me with the necessary space to understand what medium I am most inclined towards, creating a safe space for figuring out what I truly want.

What are your interests?
I really enjoy working with anything that is 3D; I guess you could say anything that is powerful, dynamic, in motion, much like video works, but that at the same time has a 3-dimensional structure, like sculptures and installations. I am interested in metal workings and sculptures, and appreciate the aesthetics of the ‘old’, for example vintage objects and analog photography.

How do you relate your interests to the iArts curriculum?
In iArts, we are expected to deliver certain assignments and tasks, from intellectual work to practical skillset. I try to twist it and find ‘loopholes’ where I can truly focus on making my own thing and discovering my strengths and needs. Still in the process of making that happen ;)

What do you enjoy in iArts?
One of the things I really enjoy with the program is the non-conventional scheduling; the way it is set up, it feels like a group, a collective where everyone takes decisions and acts, without a traditional programming and rigid structure to hold us down.

How did you experience your 1st year?
It is a pioneer program, very different from the previous Bachelor I attempted and any other school structure I have experienced before. The thing I like the most is that it pushes me to do some things that are completely out of my comfort zone, work with people I would never work with under different circumstances, but I am grateful for that.

Memorable/exciting moment in iArts so far?
Hopefully, the moment is about to come! I am looking forward to the end of this Arts&Culture block because some of us will get the chance to exhibit our work in Museum Dr. Guislain, in Ghent. I am looking forward to presenting something in a real setting, where 3rd parties will acknowledge the work I have done.

What are you striving towards in this iArts trajectory?
The most important thing for me is ‘self-building’: iArts is a stepping stone, a place that will help me ‘sand my rough edges’ to prepare me for other institutions and systems. I do not fit in normal art schools, so iArts is a great help in giving me perspective and gaining a better understanding about myself, the way I work and what I ultimately want to do in my life.

Interviewed by Konstantina Katsikari
2nd year iArts student 

Age: 21
From: France

Why did you choose to join iArts?
At the time, I was really looking for a study programme that mixes theoretical courses and practical skills, a different kind of educational system where a certain involvement with society would take place.

What are your interests?
That is a very hard question to answer, my first thought was cooking! I really enjoy cooking, yes, but if I had to choose a more suitable interest to this interview, I would say getting socially involved in projects and causes that really mean something and aim to make a difference.

How do you relate your interests to iArts?
Through iArts, I manage, on occasion, to discover my interests and start exploring them. There is still some work there, but I am confident that during the 3rd year, I can incorporate my interests more and more into the things that I will do.

What do you enjoy most about iArts?
What I mostly enjoy is to witness my own personal development, through the means of questioning myself. It’s funny, I feel like iArts ‘reshapes’ all my ideas, as if they shake my head and reconstruct new thoughts and conclusions about myself and my working methods.

How is the 2nd year going for you?
The beginning of the year was difficult, but as projects went by, I started seeing the end of the tunnel. I got back on track by focusing on what is important for me, while also communicating closely with teachers.
Being now in Athens for the internship has made me find a purpose again, and finish the last months of year 2 successfully.

What memorable moment do you recall in iArts?
During the month of March, we went for a 2-week artist residency in the EI house, in Gent (BE). It was one of the few projects I have enjoyed so much; I was free to experiment and explore photography further, while still fulfilling the assignment criteria for the teachers.

Do you have any plans for year 3?
I have some ideas about what I wish to do on the practical side of things, but I am still in search for the theoretical approach to a topic. Things are slowly coming together, and I feel quite optimistic.

Interviewed by Holly Hudson Taylor
1st year iArts student