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Newsletter #10 May 2017


YEAR 2: ADAF Internship

Starting from the month of April, Eléonore and I started our 2-month internship for the International Digital Arts Festival in Athens, Greece. The festival holds its 13th edition this year, and is presented 18-21 May 2017, with the main topic of #PostFuture, inviting digital artists, animators and designers to participate by sharing and exhibiting their works.

We have almost completed a month of working closely with the main team, in their offices, located at the centre of Athens. We have been engaging in activities that concern the ‘building’ and uploading of the website with this year’s programme, uploading content regarding the works presented, the artists these belong to and their bios. We have been translating and editing texts about the ADAF Kids programme, but also about sections such as Installations, A/V performances, Animation screenings, and more.

Eléonore and I are very happy to be given this opportunity to further expand our learning experience with something as real as a festival that is in the process of making. We witness and take part in creative and production decisions, with a team of people that are efficient, productive and fun to work with. Now, we cannot wait to get started with helping set up the works in the venue space!

Written by Konstantina Katsikari
2nd year iArts student


YEAR 1: Imagine the Brain Imagining Human

In the beginning of March, we kicked off the third block of the year, ‘Arts and Culture’, led and developed by artist Juul Sadée. This year, the overarching theme of this block is Insider/Outsider. Within this theme, the focus has been placed on psychology and the brain. Luckily, we have been able to combine these two conceptual themes by visiting and working at Museum Dr. Guislain in Ghent, Belgium.

The museum, founded in 1986, is firstly a museum on the history of psychiatry, but on occasions hosts several temporary exhibitions such as the exhibition of Outsider Art. The institute hopes to prove that the concepts of ‘madness’ or ‘psychiatric disorder’ are not purely medical, as there is always a sociocultural and ideological foundation and cause behind them.

We aimed to use our insight from our time in the museum, alongside our further research and lectures on ‘Language and the Brain’ by Bert Weltens and ‘History of Insanity’ by Laurens Landeweerd, towards the development of our final artwork, which will be exhibited at Museum Dr. Guislain on the 6th of may till the 28th of May.

Written by Holly Hudson Taylor
1st year iArts student 

Photo courtesy: Konstantina Katsikari