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Newsletter #10 May 2017



On Friday the 2nd of June until Monday the 5th, the 18th ‘KunstTour’ will take place in Maastricht. The annual tour provides the unique opportunity to witness the variety of the cultural sector in Europe coming together in South Limburg. There will be around 30 different locations hosting contemporary art, performance art, sound art, architecture, film, photography, landscape art and design works and over 200 professional artists ready to display their work and engage in art projects in and around the city centre and suburbs of Maastricht.  


The ‘KunstTour’ gives the opportunity for young artists to share their work. Second year iArts student Raki’s artwork ‘Hide and Seek’ will be part of this year’s tour. This board brings the players right into warfare in which they adopt the roles of either a terrorist, civilian or drone pilot and make moral decisions whether to take drone action or not. It is a fully immersive game that requires you to take or leave your moral compass in order to win. It is a matter of strategy and sacrifice. To experience all of this, you can check out ‘Hide and Seek’ at the Toneelacademie during the KunstTour days. Visit our Facebook page to stay tuned on further information about the programme.

Written by Holly Hudson Taylor
1st year iArts student

Photo courtesy: Eckstein-Kovács Ráhel