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Newsletter #10 May 2017


On Friday the 2nd of June until Monday the 5th, the 18th ‘KunstTour’ will take place in Maastricht. The annual tour provides the unique opportun

Three students, three weeks, one deadline: How do you create something which you know you won’t be able to finish? First Attempt In Learning shows three Interdisciplinary Arts students who set out to make something they have never made before in only three weeks. We are all familiar with the frustrating feeling of an impending deadline. This feeling is what “First Attempt In Learning” tries to create and subvert at the same time. In this exhibition you are invited to view the students’ trials and tribulations as well as the end results of their attempts. Though they try their best to finish the works, the focus of this exhibition is to try something for the first time and learn how to do something new. In the words of Pippi Longstocking: “I have never tried that before, so I think I can”.
This exhibition is a side program to Jan Martens’ “Ode to the Attempt”, and will be shown on the 6th of May at AINSI Maastricht.

Written by Els van Raaij
1st year iArts student



In collaboration with Bart van de Boom and Viewmaster Projects, and under the guidance of Juul Sadée, the second year iArts students present their resulting artistic pieces for this semester’s project ‘Arts and Culture’. This project follows another exhibition made in Ghent, Belgium, at the EI house (Experimental Intermedia) with the same topic, Insider/Outsider and Hidden Culture, but in another country and city. The exhibition will run until the 5th of May.

In this exhibition, you will experience the works of four students who embarked on a mission to explore and discover the hidden culture of Maastricht through various forms, such as photography, video, and sculpture. Each one has worked their own way, following their own artistic research methods.












The exhibition aims to bring all the individual research and conceptual processes together, hence symbolizing all the different facets that ultimately form culture. It will be open to all audiences until Saturday 13th of May, with students hosting a finissage Thursday, May 11th.

If you are interested, you are always welcome to pass by.

Written by Bo Oudendijk
2nd year iArts student

Photo courtesy:Bo Oudendijk