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Meet the New First Years

Interview with two first years,
Interviews by Tessa Frings, second year iArts student


Liudmila Sharafutdinova

Age : 21

From : Russia


Why did you choose to join iArts?

To me, iArts is a very different approach of studying. It’s challenging, it’s out of the comfort zone and it’s way further out of the comfort zone than I expected it to be. But that is why I am here to discover who I can be and to challenge myself even more. Before iArts, I was studying linguistics. And while studying and even while working, I didn’t feel that it was the field I wanted to be fully devoted to. I decided to reconsider specialization and give myself time and chance to try learning arts. I spent lots of hours, weeks and months on self-learning art, graphic programs, visiting study schools abroad to choose what can suit me best. Eventually I found Maastricht and I discovered iArts.


What are your interests?

Illustration, graphic design, visual art, theatre.

How do you experience working in your group?

I think I am lucky with my classmates. We are very diverse and I consider it as a gift because we don’t only learn a lot from teachers, we also learn a lot from each other.

What has been your most exciting moment in iArts so far?

Collaboration with Experimental Production House “Jansen, Jansen, Bachrach & Landshoff ( Together with JJB&L we are working on 4 projects aimed at accelerating the transition to a sustainable food system by raising awareness and inspiring the food industry and consumers in an artistic way. For us it’s such an amazing opportunity to dive into real process and implement projects relevant in the world. Our collaboration lasts for 7 weeks and we are currently on the 3rd one, so time is rushing and we have to put in all our efforts to get it done on time. The project I am working on with my team is “TouCan” - food truck promoting the meals in cans and jars to raise awareness about sustainable eating by decreasing the stigma around preserved food.  

What do you look forward to the most?

I can’t wait to work on my 3rd year project.





Joshua Glass


From : USA


Why did you choose to join iArts?                                                              

After one year of studying at Ithaca College in New York, I was in search of a new way to develop my skills and learn how I could best contribute to this world. I spent the year I had away from school focused on studying myself and researching where to study next. I searched through global databases of every English taught bachelor’s program related to interdisciplinary studies, art, and entrepreneurship. Mainly, I needed a program that would allow me to practice art to the extent that was fulfilling to me while learning how to integrate my skills and interests in social entrepreneurship and creative directing. I also wanted to work on meaningful projects with professionals which could exist outside of the bubble of an educational institution. I found iArts to fit these criteria very well. The icing on the cake is the central location of Maastricht within Europe and the international group of people.                                                

What are your interests?                             

I could give you a very long list of my interests, and this is sometimes a problem for me. However, some things I have been especially intrigued by and focused on recently are fashion and the ethics and sustainability of the industry, bio-arts, the effects of globalization on indigenous communities and their culture, and how to organize artistic movements (exhibitions, businesses, collectives etc) to have the ultimate positive impact on people and environment. Sorry to be vague, you can send me an email if you are curious to hear more:         

How do you experience working in your group?                                                              

We are a class of twenty First Year iArts students. Out of the twenty, we represent fifteen nationalities. Fifteen differing cultural backgrounds constantly challenge my accepted truths and stretch my spectrum of perspective. This is something I constantly value while working with my classmates. Apart from this, iArts does not attract one single type of skillset. Each one of my iArts colleagues is a vast resource of skills and reference among fields I may have zero experience in. However, a common trait among us all is our ability to integrate these various interests to function as a brand new element. I find this skill to be extremely useful.                                                                  
















What has been your most exciting moment in iArts so far?/ What do you look forward to the most?                                                               

I had never performed my own personal thoughts and feelings to an audience. I had never performed something created fully within my own mind. I had never before communicated such a clear, singular concept, born within my mind, through a medium which circumvented the sole use of language.                                                                 

Performance was one of the first classes I took at iArts. I learned how to develop a performance through a thoughtful, constructive process, refining my aim and actions until my message was clear to the audience. This was really exciting for me because I realized my ability to use a completely new form of communication. It feels like a new superpower.                                                              

What do you look forward to the most?                                                      

I am most looking forward to diving more deeply into cultural projects which exist external of iArts. Through iArts, I hope to continue being connected with professionals who can guide and collaborate with me.