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Newsletter #11 June 2017


Photo courtesy: Bo Oudendijk

Age: 25
Country: Netherlands


Why did you choose iArts?
I thought it was a good mixture of different disciplines which I was interested in anyhow. When I saw that it involves sciences it really peaked my interest. Then I was also really liking the small size of the group, 10-15 people. Another reason was the internationality which altogether helped me decide to go for iArts.

What is quirky about you?
I have this background being dutch but growing up in japan, giving me a weird mix of culture, bit crazy and my thoughts of the future are more extreme than others.

Can you recall a highlight of the 1st year of iArts?
The Atmosphere in class was great because we really connected with each other, and we became a sort of family and we had fun, we jumped on tables and danced in class.

Can you recall a memorable/exciting experience from the 2nd year of iArts?
I really enjoyed the Surplus project and Ghent project. You know, those things that happen outside of the classroom because it gave a different approach to how we can develop and exceed the executions of projects. The things got real on the outside, it's not just a school project anymore.

What do you have planned for your final year?
I would like to do research on the relationship between improv and composition in dancing. To redefine choreography. By using brainwaves and using the data to explore the new possibilities to create choreography. This will be my beginning point. The data will be inspiration or be used directly to form a choreography. I also want to use other technologies to create new choreographies.

What skill did you develop the most while being in iArts?
My presentation skills improved for sure as well as my research skills which have improved by doing research in a broader way. iArts provided me the with the processes guidelines that I have to take to do the proper research. For example interviewing specific scientists about their work and research about research. Also in iArts I learned about really important organisational skills that can be used outside of school in real life like budget,  P.R. materials….

What would you like to tell the world?
The world is small, we can change by starting with small things that can develope into having a huge impact which is first possible if you start small. And this is how we can change the world.

How do you balance private life with university life?
To create time. To plan a day. By planning thoroughly.
I dont think im balancing yet, what can I say? Yeah I think planning and be positive and work your ass off, make some free time.

Interviewed by Kelvin Weese
1st year iArts student




                             Age: 21
                             Country: Netherlands


Why did you choose iArts?
I was really interested in an arts study that combines academic courses and subjects. I was afraid that I would miss the theoretical content in an autonomous arts study, and I was overall very curious to try and experience the fusion of academic and artistic work. 

What are your interests? What artistic discipline are you most inclined towards?
I am mostly interested in visual things: I truly enjoy drawing and painting, sometimes sculpting of objects, crafting, and film, so generally speaking visual arts is my field of interest.

Have you found new interests during this 1st year of iArts?
What I learned about myself is that I like being someone who overlooks the project, kind of like a manager or coordinator, filling in the gaps, arranging team tasks, and keeping track of what is happening. It was interesting to find that out about myself.

How did you experience your 1st year?
In general, it was just a variety of things, which made the whole experience quite hectic, but exciting. Some of the days, it was hard work but a fun process overall.

What has iArts taught you about yourself and your future plans?
Career-wise, it has helped me think outside of the box; through iArts, I learned to keep my mind open as to the possibilities of working in the field of the arts and the opportunities that exist, not limiting myself to options.

 Can you recall a memorable/exciting experience from this 1st year of iArts?
Currently, we are working on this full-time project for Arts and Entrepreneurship,, and I must admit that it is what is mostly on my mind right now. It is an exciting process of working together, coming up with new ideas, but there is space for everyone to include their own skills and practice into it. It doesn’t feel like an iArts project anymore, it is purely our own initiative and we are all proud to be part of it.

 Interviewed by Konstantina Katsikari

2nd year iArts student