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apr 2018

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The Anxious Brain




The Anxious Brain is a symposium connected to the exhibition of the iArts project Imagine the brain, imagine human, guided by Juul Sadee and in collaboration with the Museum Dr Guislain. The symposium is devoted to the concept of anxiety in relation to the age old problem of mind, brain and soul. It will discuss different conceptions of anxiety, relating these to different scientific paradigms, the issue of subjective experience and thematisations in the arts. On this basis, iArts invited three philosophers to discuss the topic of 'Angst' (dread, fear, anxiety).


  • Dr Laurens Landeweerd works as a coach for iArts. Next to this, he works for Radboud University Nijmegen's Science Faculty, and he is the chairman of the programme board of Filosofie Oost - West (FOW:  a Dutch Association for Philosophy East West). He will introduce the topic of the afternoon in relation to the mind/body problem as it exists in various cultures.
  • Drs Viviana Buizert is member of the programme board of FOW. She studied Philosophy and Literary Studies at the University of Amsterdam. Her research interests include philosophy of pedagogy, identity and dialogue. She will explore the nature of anxiety through a philosophical discussion of her personal experience with the topic of Angst.
  • Prof Dr Ruud Welten professor of philosophy at Erasmus University Rotterdam and associate professor of philosophy at Tilburg University. He will discuss anxiety in relation to Paul Gauguin's primitivism and the works of the psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan.

After each presentation there will be space for an open Q&A. After the three presentations there will be a panel discussion between the speakers and the audience on the problematics of mind, brain and soul in relation to specific example cases (social anxiety, fear for the unknown, the issue of the panopticon, technophopbia etc.).

This symposium and the exhibition that it opens is the result of a collaboration between museum Dr Guislain and iArts Maastricht. Foundation FOW supports the initiative.


Date and Time: April 26th, 12.30h-16.00h, followed by visit to exposition

Location:  Museum Dr Guislain, auditorium, Jozef Guislainstraat 43, 9000 Ghent, Belgium

Admission:  Ticket for the museum includes admission to the symposium



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