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Ignition Phase

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The Ignition Phase


In September, twenty young and motivated people came into the iArts programme as  new 1st year. Most of them are from places all over the world and had to settle not only in Maastricht but also in a new country. The ignition phase covers all the different classes that are offered at iArts: n opportunity for the students to get to know all teachers with their different backgrounds and skills but also the diversity of iArts. As the essential part of the first weeks at iArts, the students worked together with HetGeluid and developed their own performances based on an artwork from the Ludwig Forum in Aachen. Within this intense project, the 1st years were not only able to express their own thoughts and interests but they also experienced different working methods. They worked as a group to reflect on each others works and organized a final presentation. Eventually, they proudly presented their results to their teachers and other students. The ignition phase was shaped by mutual inspiration, creative exchange and made the group grew together.


~ written by Naomi Hattler — 1st year iArts student