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iArts projects that live on....

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iArts Projects that live on…


If iArts students are one thing, it is proactive. Infact, many of them have other intriguing projects outside of class. Here is just a snippet into two of them. Last year’s Arts and Science block for the first years was clearly a success. Two projects, formed through that period, are continuing with a life of their own. Rowan Bartelink and Tessa Mendez have taken on the role of developing their “Renewall” project in the form of workshops, mainly in schools. The team’s initial concept was creating a paint-like substance that could be applied to walls which moss would grow from. The paint could be applied in any shape or form with the idea that you could produce your own moss murals on any available walls. Rowan says, “We are using the murals as a gateway to teach children about nature. The collaboration between Stichting, The Butterfly House and ourselves has now developed into a partnership that aims to create playful and mind broadening  art-nature workshops for different target groups.” Check them out at


Also last year, during the same block, Nirmala Hesselund explained her group’s idea to a shop owner in Brussels. He was very enthusiastic about what Nirmala and her team were creating and offered to sell it as a product in his shop; Urban Therapy . What was their idea? With a future in mind of a world overpopulated by buildings and limited access to natural/green spaces they decided to bring the greenery closer to humans — literally. They are creating wearable plants, that grow inside adapted fanny packs. Alongside Nirmala, Joshua Glass, Ruben Bass and Isobel Dyson are developing this product together. If you are interested in either of these two projects feel free to contact the students about it, otherwise stay tuned for the next newsletter for further developments.


~ written by Isobel Dyson — second year iArts student