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Nomadic Waste in the Meuse

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The current project of year two

As the last project  before starting their individual Graduation Projects, our second year students are currently researching nomadic waste in the river Meuse! Their partner in this endeavour is the Regional Ministry, who commissioned this work for the Dutch Earth Week 2018, which will take place in October 2018. It is also part of the ‘Clean Rivers’ initiative, aiming to stop the flow of plastic through rivers at the source by cleaning up the riverbanks of the Meuse and Waal and by starting a large-scale waste research.

Together with their guest teacher Albert Cath, the students are artistically researching the subject of Water Management using media such as sound, film, photography, etc. Albert Cath is a lecturer at multiple universities who just received his PhD in complexity theory and in coping with complex issues. He has worked in the fields of traffic and transport, water management, climate and sustainability, healthcare, the cultural sector, and knowledge-based institutes.

The research conducted in this project will be passed onto the second year students of the next academic year, who will further develop the material into an endwork which will be exhibited at the Dutch Earth Week 2018.

A key element of this research was a site visit to a part of the river with especially polluted riverbanks. See photos for some visual impressions!

Written by Tessa Frings
2nd year iArts student