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Imagine the brain, imagining human

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Looking back at the first year students'previous project

While packing crates of equipment in attempt to build down the Imagining the Brain, Imagining Human exhibition at the Guislain Museum in Ghent, the first year students couldn’t help but look back on the 9 weeks leading up to the big opening.

At the beginning of March, teacher Juul Sadée introduced the class to the project that fused the topic of mental health with the varying artistic talents that exist in the year one students. Between their experiences visiting the museum itself and the theoretical context given by teacher Laurens Landeweerd, they were able to take the core concept of ‘anxiety’ and translate their individual fascinations into pieces of art. From migraines to eastern medicine, every student found their stride within the far-reaching topic that was given.

When asked to reflect on Imagine the Brain, Imagining Human, first year Milou Elbersen said:

‘‘Sometimes it’s so easy to get comfortable during a project, as you hide behind the techniques that you already know and you tend to limit your own growth. Working with Juul was so different from anything I’ve ever done before because the project never allowed me to stay in my comfort zone. It was challenging and uncomfortable at times, as I tried to take control over her fluid and organic way of working, but it definitely teaches you to keep an open mind to other techniques, because you might surprise yourself with the outcome.”

Nine weeks of intensive work lead up to an unforgettable exhibition that gave 20 students the opportunity to show their diverse array of strengths to an audience who was receptive and compelled by the outcome.

Isabella De Angelis
1st year iArts student