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Newsletter #14 June 2018

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Farewell speech iArts graduates

Dear graduates of 2018!

We congratulate you on completing this crazy programme!
There probably has never been and never will be one iArts student that entered the classroom on the first day and really knew what to expect. But after having survived three years filled with ups and downs, you are well on your way to graduating.

Konstantina, on your quest to re-discovering Athens identity through different artistic interpretations and perceptions, you mindfully make use of an investigative approach to discover your personal connection and to articulate that with the world.

Eléonore, you are a natural storyteller, with a rare talent for shaping the spontaneous. Expressing through your own poetic language, you always take on different perspectives. This quality has taken shape in various directions and now you use it to build connections with plants.

Raki, we value the fierce position that you have taken in exploring the level of tolerance LGBTQ+ people experience in their social surroundings in Romania and Germany. You have an extraordinary talent to colorfully express the results of your analytical mind in your works. You never fail to trigger a great array of questions and perspectives.

Evidently, each one of you has brought a great uniqueness to this big family we call iArts. Individually and together, you have repeatedly shown your strengths which are present in your projects.

Reflecting on the last three years, we hope that you look back in good spirits and realise how far you have come. You can be really proud of yourselves. We are proud of you for sure and feel honoured that we got to know you all. We may speak for everyone when we tell you all that you will be missed very much.

We wish you the best of luck with everything that lies ahead of you and cannot wait to see where life will take you!

Much love always,

Tessa and Holly,
on behalf of the iArts students