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Looking back at last year

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First, second and third year students about their experience

Isobel Dyson
1st year iArts student

“The first year of iArts has been a bit of a surreal experience. Not knowing whether I would get in until the last moment meant that I had very little time to form a lot of expectations for the next three years. I started with a very open mind and it helped me get through the moments when I was forced to venture outside of my comfort zone. I’ve been exposed to so many different experiences and people from such a broad range of countries — the diversity of our class is incredibly inspiring. It also adds a challenging element to group work because our varying backgrounds and ways of communicating mean that we are not always on the same page. The projects we have done both together and individually over the past year have forced me to be more critical; I’m now able to voice my opinions more effectively and more often. Upon this reflection, I know I have gained many useful but wide-ranging skills that I feel are all very practical and valuable for life after iArts. Even though I don’t know exactly what my focus is going to be, I do intend to use iArts as a instrumental tool to get there. I really look forward to seeing where the second year takes me.”


Konstantina Katsikari
3rd year iArts student

This year, the notion of time gained a new meaning. During my field research in the streets of Athens, while writing my Position Paper, I felt as though time stood still. But with meetings, presentations and developing concepts coming right after, time flew by, and here we are, in the last few meters of the race.

If I could describe this year in one word, it would be thrilling. I was out there, in the world, interacting with professional artists and makers, and making my graduation project research count for something beyond the program’s curriculum. It was incredible to get to experience the city I was born with through so many different lenses, multiple points of view. It was a personal and artistic quest for the identity of Athens and it was a journey of getting a step closer to discovering my own identity as an Athenian and an artist. But the quest is not over, as I still find myself asking questions, thinking and reflecting while I prepare for future projects and challenges.           


Anneliek Peters
2nd year iArts student

Whew, this year was crazy, but definitely in a good way! Exhibiting at the Dutch Design Week, directing my own short film, doing an artist in residence in Ghent, and researching nomadic waste in the Maas; it all taught me different aspects of ‘living the artist life’, so to say. I have been dealing with external partners and coaches, deadlines, time pressure, procrastination, failures and “golden” moments, new surroundings, and new topics in the safe environment of my own class and education programme, next to the development of my personal styles, working methods, and techniques. I didn’t really realise the value of this until I started preparing my graduation year, a few months ago. In the beginning of this year, the thought of creating a project that I would work on for a year only scared me, but now I am looking forward to it and I am getting very excited to see what will happen and how my project will turn out.