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The butterfly garden of the future

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The current project of year one

As the 2017-2018 academic year is coming to a close, the first year students are diving into their final project, entitled ‘The Butterfly Garden of the Future’.The students work  alongside guest teachers Stefan Cools and Sandra van den Beuken, who work together to study the transformation process of the butterfly and curate artistic butterfly gardens that display their dynamic research.

In this Arts & Sciences project, Stefan and Sandra have been sharing their knowledge on environmental/eco art, their ways of working, and their fascinations with the wonders of nature. Through extensive field and artistic research, the students were given the opportunity to create a concept for their own climate change-resistant butterfly garden. Using supplementary themes such as invasive species, plastic consumption or vertical gardening, the first years will use the knowledge they have gained thus far in iArts to present four compelling concepts at the end of June at the ‘We Make the City Festival’ in Amsterdam. We will keep you updated!

Written by Isabella De Angelis
1st year iArts student