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Bootcamp II

Speculative Everything: Bootcamp


Theo Ploeg, iArts design lecturer and dedicated accelerationist, created an inspiring 2-day manifesto bootcamp with a series of workshops to guide the students through speculative design to kick off a new study block after the carnival break.

On the first day, the iARTS students had an opportunity to participate in the workshop provided by the Next Nature Network focusing on technology as new nature; through inspiring lectures and interactive workshops, the NNN offers the philosophy, the tools and the methods that will realize a paradigm shift in your thinking about nature and technology.

iArts students continued their second day exploring the space of Carbon6 in Heerlen, an entrepreneurial hub, home base for one of the largest creative clusters in the Netherlands.


After Carbon6 students visited the Cube design museum in Kerkrade to visit the exhibition ‘Out of the Lab’ and participate in another workshop on speculative realism. The exhibition shows 21 projects that resulted from the Cube in-residence programme offered by the Cube museum. It showcased concepts, ideas and prototypes as answers to various social issues, ranging from waste of food to the care for dementia patients. Four beginning entrepreneurs, who have already ‘taken the step outside’ with the help of Brightlands Innovation Factory, also take part in the exhibition. Accompanying this exhibition that shows the strengths of this residency programme, a workshop devoted to self-exploration led students to take an artistic position, and think in layers of impact: micro level (individuals or single communities), meso level (society), and macro level (environment as a whole). Overall, despite the intensity of the bootcamp, it was a very fruitful and productive experience.


Written by Liudmila Sharafutdinova
iArts first year student









During the workshop, iArts students were divided in teams and were assigned to use this Pyramid of Technology, visualizing how technology becomes nature, to come up with new speculative designs.