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First Surplus Night, November 3rd

The Bold, the Bound and the Brittle

To kick-start the academic year, five first year students organized their first surplus night on November 3rd alongside a show presented by Jelena Kostic called "The Bold, the Bound and the Brittle". Through the medium of movement, Kostic showcases the female form in all its glory — both physically and spiritually. A true battle between strength and vulnerability in the feminine realm, ultimately questioning gender and it’s limitations.

These iArts students — Camilla de Freitas, Hanna Nijdam, Rubi Jansen, Anchel Pablo Sancho and Mattia Vavassori — alongside their teacher Nina Willems, have taken this concept of femininity to a much broader scale and focused on gender as a whole. More specifically on what gender means, not only on a collective level, but individually. Before the show began, the students formed a circle and each stood behind a portrait of a Maastricht citizen from anywhere on the spectrum of gender.

Each of these Maastricht citizens had been interviewed by the iArts students and were asked to shed light on their general outlook on gender and how it does or does not affect them in daily life. Whether that be prejudiced, relatable, challenging or even neutral. These interviews were handed out in brochures to everyone who attended the event. The artists also used the medium of fashion to challenge gender stereotypes, as the boys wore skirts and the girls wore pants. They were also dressed in t-shirts that had varying messages, such as; “Am I feminine?” and “What is my gender?”, which compelled the audience to reflect upon the installation.

With many compliments from the audience, we feel the event was a wonderful way to commence the year and we hope for many more successes like this one. Our next surplus event will be on the 24th of November, we hope to see you there!

written by Isabella De Angelis, iArts year one student