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nov 2018

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SURPLUS November 6


For several dance performances at AINSI, students of iArts have developed an additional programme called SURPLUS, inspired by this dance performance. On November 6, you are welcome at the first performance inspired by What comes from the river:

Uruguayan dancer and choreographer Amalia Herrera  says about What comes from the river: ‘Sometimes, I think my body is made of stories and water.

My stories, stories that eventually got wet, disappearing, transforming and transmitting. Stories that were weaving in multiple directions of the memory. They are the grandmothers, the parents, the blood brothers and those who do not, the cousins and uncles, they come with the stories of the countryside and travels with the waters that crosses the worlds.”

Preceeding her performance, iArts 1st year students will present their performance inspired by What comes from the river. The iArts performance has free entrance. For tickets for Amalia Herrera’s performance please visit: