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Current Graduation Projects

Project: Are LGBTQ rights Universal Human Rights?

Graduation Project Year Three

 An update

Student: Eckstein-Kovács Ráhel


Third year student Ráhel is exploring the field of experimental documentary making, focusing on the LGBTQ+ scene, the impact media and the social environment have on the members of its community, establishing a parallel between Romania and Germany. This topic is of great significance to her because of her personal involvement with both countries; born and raised in Romania, currently based in Germany, she was inspired by how advanced Germany is in terms of LGBTQ+ rights, but also curious to find out the extent to which this was true.

Through her work, she intends to show the LGBTQ+ community of Romania that it is possible to reach the level of tolerance and acceptance that exists in Germany; their aim should be that every single person of the LGBTQ+ community and every other minority group should have the same rights and opportunities at a global level, no matter the geographical location or circumstances. She states, “Just because you are from Romania, it does not mean that you have to accept that you are a second class citizen because of your gender identity or sexual orientation. I also want to reach out to the members of the German LGBTQ+ community, to show them how brave you have to be to come out and stand against discrimination, making LGBTQ+ positive initiatives, in Romania.”

After presenting her research and Position Paper in January 2018, Ráhel is currently working on her artistic concept, while starting to prepare the script of her film.


Written by Konstantina Katsikari

iArts year three student