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Current Graduation Projects

An Update: Identity, Society, Athens.

The iArts year three students have started their graduation projects!

During their third academic year of iArts, each student has the opportunity to initiate and work on an individual project of their desired topic. These graduation projects are designed to back the students’ transition from being a student to being a part of the working world.

The current iArts third year students have just started working on their graduation projects, which will be presented in July 2018.

"For my graduation year, I have chosen a personal route, aiming to discover the different identities existing within the city of Athens. By studying and understanding the identities of other creative young people of Athens, I will realize my own role and position in this diverse society and culture.

This topic has been a personal fascination of mine; although I am Greek, I was never able to live and experience Greece at its full glory, so I am grateful to be given the chance to do so this year!

As we are now beginning to write our papers, I have divided my work in several tracks: gathering theoretical input regarding identity through scholarly articles, books and documentaries, studying ethnographic and other methods of field research, and researching visual and subjective mapping as a way to document my process. In the following weeks, I will be more actively exploring the city, meeting new individuals, experiencing the identities that coexist there, and creating my own interpretation of the map of Athens."


Konstantina Katsikari,
iArts year three student