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The Materiality of the Invisible

The exhbition "The Materiality of the Invisible" approaches contemporary art as an activity that shares several characteristics of archaeology. Many artists probe the underlying layers of our social and political reality. They expose what is concealed and penetrate to other times. Like archaeologists, they make the invisible visible.

Van Eyck is a partner in the multi-year EU project NEARCH - New scenarios for a community-involved archaeology. For this project, the Van Eyck selected six international artists who each collaborated with two archaeological partners. The Materiality of the Invisible shows the results together with the work of 24 other artists. The exhibition is organized by the Van Eyck in collaboration with Marres and Bureau Europa and spreads out over the three locations.

Hosted by Jan van Eyck Academie and Marres, Centre for Contemporary Culture.

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"KIll the West in me" Het Geluid

The inflammatory letters of the Javanese princess Raden Adjeng Kartini (1879-1904), who died prematurely in childbirth. The razor sharp writings of the Indonesian activist, writer and journalist Ayu Utami (Bogor, 1968). These are the starting points for the brand new music theatre performance by Boudewijn Tarenskeen and Jonás Bisquert for gamelan ensemble Gending, string quartet Doelen Quartet, soprano Bernadeta Astari and actress Romy Roelofsen.

in collaboration with Het DoelenKwartet and Ensemble Gending


12 november 2017, Red Sofa, De Doelen Rotterdam
19 november 2017, Theater Kikker Utrecht
30 november 2017, Korzo Den Haag
1 december 2017, Ostadetheater Amsterdam
2 december 2017, Toonzaal Den Bosch
6 december 2017, Ainsi Maastricht

Kill the West in Me


















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