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Collaboration with ULTRA UTRA

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Interview with Ultra Ultra 

The first year students have just started their collaboration with Ultra Ultra in their first ‘Arts & Entrepreneurship’ block. The topic at hand — overpopulation. Students are currently in the research phase and also just getting to know their mentors for the upcoming project. And in order to do so, they’ve conducted an interview with design agency ‘Ultra Ultra’ to familiarize themselves and kickstart the block.


iArts: How would you describe Ultra Ultra in a few sentences?

Ultra Ultra:
Ultra Ultra is a campaign and design agency. We put social issues on the agenda through creative interventions and social design. With our projects we make complex issues accessible. Our projects aim to give a new impulse to the public debate and create new ways of looking at social issues.


iArts: What does working in this collaboration look like?

Ultra Ultra:

During our weekly meet-ups in our studio in Zaandam we teach the iArts students how to turn a fascination into an idea. We shape that idea into an artistic production plan and use this production plan to mobilize people, realize funding and materialize the project. Basically, it’s about bringing ideas to life.


iArts: Where do you see the opportunities in collaborating with iArts – for the students and yourself?

Ultra Ultra:

The students work on assignments that are related to projects on which we are currently working with Ultra Ultra. Therefore, we are very interested in their work, because it is useful for our own creative practice. We are eager for new input and critical feedback to keep us focused. At the same time, the students can really experience how to function in a professional environment. Where their work as a student will be reviewed and positioned within the contemporary design practice.