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Former iArts events

Imagine the Brain, 
Imagining the Brain

Saturday 6 July, 11.00-16.00 hrs 

Artistic and scientific research of the brain will be shown in 7 small studio’s which are reshaped in interdisciplinary art works.

This final project of the first year students iArts will be exhibited in the former Muziekgieterij, Bankastraat 3, 6214 XN Maastricht. 

Free entrance!

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Thursday May 30th, 20.30 -22.00 hrs

The iArts student will host another evening at Intro in Situ. This evening the focus will be on the things the iArts students have been working on for the past few weeks, connected to the current block “Imagine the brain, imagining the brain”. The students connect theoretical research on neuroscience with research into fine arts and their own brains to eventually create a multimedia installations. The focus is basically on perception in the broadest sense. This night the conceptual draft will be presented. Different from the past three blocks, in which the students worked in groups, they now work individually.
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Simulation Society

Thursday April 25th, 19.00 -22.00 hrs


The iArts students will present their final work of the interactive game project. We would like to invite you to join the evening for an exciting experience.
During the last 10 weeks, the iArts students researched into the network society and got inspired by Marshall McLuhan ("The medium is the massage") and Douglas Rushkoff`s ten commandments for the digital age ("Program or be Programmed").
The students learned how to use hardware and software for video and sound in order to create an interactive environment. Combined with the skills of game development they created the installation „Experiment 011010“.
The entry is free, but we would like to ask you to reserve a ticket as the game is divided in multiple runs.
Tickets are available for 19:00, 19:30, 20:00, 20:30, 21:00 and 21:30.
The game installation takes place at the Löss Theatre in Maastricht.


Simulation Society

Wednesday April 10th May,
20.30 -22.00 hrs

On April 10th the iArts students will host another event at Intro in Situ. Instead of tuesday we would like to invite you to our first Wednesday at Intro's.
We open the doors for indie rock from Cologne and stage 'The Blackberries'.
Meanwhile the iArts students show experiments of the current project and research about  'the network society'.
Are you always plugged in? How do we find a place in this post literate society? Is there a next step or are we forever lost in nostalgia?
The evening will start at 20.30 and end around 22.00.
After the program we invite you to have a talk and some drinks with us in the foyer of Intro in Situ.



Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th February, 20.00 - 21.30 hrs


“Where are we, if we are in this world. We are in an outside that carries inner worlds.” Peter Sloterdijk from his theory ‘Spheres’

Next week, dating on the 6th and 7th of February, we, the iArts students, will be hosting our final performances. We would like to inform and invite you to an experience we'd like to share with you on one of these evenings. 
The performances we will present this evening are inspired by the work of Peter Sloterdijk and his book ‘Bubbles’. Under the guidance of the interdisciplinary team of theatre collective 'Het Geluid Maastricht' we entered an exciting and challenging creative process. In the two final weeks of our education block we made different performances integrated with cultural entrepreneurship: going from research to concept and eventually to the creation and production of a small artistic work that relates to the society we live in. We are now eagerly looking forward sharing our work and taking you through the different spheres of Maastricht.
The evening will start at 20.00 and end around 21.30 and consist of a tour past three locations in the city centre of Maastricht. Some performances will be outside so don’t forget to bring a coat. There will be no entrance fee. The starting point of the tour is at the front of the ABKM building*. ( The end location of the tour will be a twenty minute walk away from the "Vrijthof")

Tuesday January 22nd, 
20.30 - 22.00 hrs

“Because living always means building spheres, both on a small and a large scale, humans are the beings that establish globes and look out into the horizon.”
-Peter Sloterdijk from his theory ‘Spheres’-

On the 22nd of January we, the iArts students, will organize another Tuesday at Intro’s at Intro in Situ.
We will focus on the concepts we created, inspired by the works of Peter Sloterdijk, particularly in his book of Bubbles. Through research and brainstorm, we created three different concepts that connect to the work of Sloterdijk we read in the duration of our Philosophy classes.
During the evening we will introduce our concepts and work in progress.
The evening will start at 20.30 and end around 22.00
After the program there is the possibility to have a talk and some drinks in the foyer of Intro in Situ.