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Additional admission formalities


We'll work with an assessment procedure which leads to an advice from the assessment committee.

Round 0
To start your assessment procedure you fill in the application form ans send it together with your photo and a motivational letter to Furthermore you make a short film (made with a mobile phone is fine) and send this via We Transfer (  as an MP4 file also to Including your name.
We will let you know by email if you passed round ‘0’ within 10 days after receiving both items.  

Round 1
When the iArts assessment-committee thinks you are an appropriate candidate for iArts you’ll be invited to write a short essay about a certain topic before the end of that week.
We will let you know by email if you passed round 1 within 10 days.

Round 2
If you pass round 1, you’ll be invited to come to Maastricht for the final assessment round of 2 days that takes place at the iArts studio's. During these days you’ll have to present yourself in an artistic way, this can be a performance, installation or anything you like to do as long as you are part of it.

The round 2 assessments for 2019 are planned in week 16 (17-18 April) and in week 25 (19 -20 June), and if necessary we will organize a last round in August 

Please note that in order to join this last round you have to send in the documents and film for round 0 at least 14 days prior to this date!

During the assessment you’ll do a micro-project with fellow candidates. We’ll observe how you collaborate with team members, how you think and work and what results this generates. After this you’ll also receive other assignments this can be in teams or individually.

We will inform you regarding the outcome of the assessment procedure by email the next day!

Non-EU students:

Only after passing successfully rounds 0 and 1 the evaluation committee will decide whether they feel it is necessary to have you participate in round 2 in Maastricht or that an alternative solution can be offered.


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Health insurance

Before you travel to the Netherlands, you should make sure that you are properly insured against risks. A health care insurance is one of the conditions you will have to meet to receive your residence permit.

There are three options for health insurance: 
- Your insurance policy in your home country covers your stay in the Netherlands. 
- You take out a new or special insurance policy for your stay in the Netherlands. 
- You are admitted to the Dutch national health insurance scheme because you work in the Netherlands. 

Your own insurance policy 
The Netherlands has signed treaties regarding health insurance with a number of countries, including most of the member states of the EU. If you are insured under the national health insurance scheme of one of these countries, your insurance company can provide you with either an international claims form or with a European Health Insurance Card. You can find more information about insurances on