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Newsletter #11 June 2017


YEAR 2: 

The first steps towards graduating!

The month of May officially marked the beginning of our 3rd year plans. Eleonore, Bo, Raki and I are heading towards our graduation year, the final year of our bachelor, with different thoughts, plans and ambitions. Each of us will be working on various areas of expertise, exploring topics and themes like food politics, dance improvisation, children’s perception and behavior in a societal context, and LGBT rights. 



Thisconnected world

The first year class has taken up a real challenge. The block is called Arts and Entrepreneurship. Carla Hoekendijk is mentoring the class for this block and has given them the assignment to be a company for the short block of about two months. The class came up with many ideas, but the first idea that became the block’s focal point was to develop an app that would allow all kinds of people to find collaborators for any project quickly and easy. As one could have expected, there were already quite a few apps like this, even with the specific twist that the team brainstormed. So they continued into developing a new idea which needed an additional week to figure out.

The idea manifested into a challenge for themselves to bring out content for 30 days. The called it the 30 day artivism challenge. This means the class would find 30 individual projects that would mainly cover the topic of connection. These projects would then be posted on the website, one project per day, created by the students themselves or with the help of collaborators. The students had to delegate work, decide on individual tasks, find collaborators, communicate professionally amongst each other and use many other organisational skills to pull off the daily posts.



We are currently in the phase of researching the possibilities that our topics bring to the table in terms of internships, interviews, and of course, artistic concepts. Our graduation strategies that include our personal year planning for 2017-2018 were presented June 19th, with the finality of receiving ‘approval’ and feedback to go forward with the concept we have so far. It is going to be a nerve-wracking, stressful but exciting process..We are on the road to graduation!

Written by Konstantina Katsikari
2nd year iArts student


“The website is up and running right now, if your interest has been peeked we would be ecstatic to engage a conversation on our website or on our facebook page!” - Kelvin


Examples of daily projects on thisconnected world:

Just Get Used To It was a project made about gender expectations, created by Tessa Frings. Tessa would draw for hours during the first days of our challenge while simultaneously covering other jobs as well. This project is a great example of how the individual could work alone on something whilst also helping the collective and creating synergy. Click here for the specifics of the project.


Couples Connect, A sweet short exposure to show the audience about connections. This challenge is a good representative of how easy it can be to bring the world a little bit of love.


Written by Kelvin Weese
1st year iArts student